A Visit with Theatrical Interludes and Ancient Aperitivi with the Flavors of Ancient Rome

26/06/16 and 17/07/2016 h 19:30
“Under the Caelian Hill” – a dinner with the flavors of Ancient Rome at the Case Romane del Celio

Guided visit (Marina Giustini) with theatrical interludes (Gabriele Picciotto) and Ancient Roman dinner

We are pleased to present a visit to the Case Romane del Celio where a multisensorial course of art and flavors will transport us to a different time thanks to the presence of an actor and a tasting of foods prepared according to ancient recipes by Apicius and similar authors. A true voyage through time in which our expert guide will lead us on a lively course with theatrical interludes to discover one of the few perfectly preserved houses of the imperial age in Rome.

Thus, we’ll give a voice and character to the past, recreating the atmosphere of an ancient dwelling and the lifestyles of its inhabitants as well as acquainting ourselves with the foods eaten by diners at ancient banquets. Beyond this, we will also discover the desires, joys, likes and worries of the inhabitants of the time! The Case Romane del Celio will be brought back to life and become the ideal setting to immerse ourselves in the daily life of Imperial Rome among the alleys, frescoed rooms, and baths, and to become more than just spectators at an ancient banquet.

Finally, we’ll leave room for the Roman kitchen’s sensations, intense perfumes, and spicy aromas, presented and illustrated in a rich aperitivo-dinner (served buffet style) that will let us discover the flavors of the ancient cuisine through a mix of unusual combinations, expensive and exotic spices, sacred foods, and more.

A remarkably pleasant and novel way to experience the gastronomic customs and the cooking in the ancient world from the inside. Reservation required.

Location: Clivo di Scauro (no house number, below the Basilica of Saints John and Paul); event € 25,00

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