Spazio Libero presents a series of exclusive cultural events inside the archeological site.

Place: The Case Romane del Celio – Clivo di Scauro – Rome

Stories and mysteries from the subterranean Caelian hill revealed through an archeological route through the evocative setting of the Roman houses, one of Rome’s most enchanting and little known spots.

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24/06/18  h 19:30
“Under the Caelian Hill” – a dinner with the flavors of Ancient Rome at the Case Romane del Celio

Guided visit (Marina Giustini) with theatrical interludes (Gabriele Picciotto) and Ancient Roman dinner

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How to reach the Case Romane del Celio

The entrance to the site is on the Clivo di Scauro, below the Basilica of Saints John and Paul. Public transportation: Metro line B, the Circo Massimo stop. Bus: 60 75, 81, 175, or 673. Tram: 3.
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